CODEX is a team of escape games passionate who decided to create the most original and immersive scenarios.

The Team


Kevin is a programmer analyst and bachelor in electrical engineering. He is, so to speak, "the brains" at CODEX. It is largely him who conceptualizes the scenarios and riddles. He designs and programs all the electronic puzzles.

In addition to being a brain, Kevin has cosplay skills, be it construction or personification! He therefore has an eye for the visual aspects of the games. En plus d'être un cerveau, Kevin a des aptitudes en cosplay, que ce soit la construction ou la personnification! Il a donc un oeil aussi pour les aspects visuels des jeux.

(Yes, it's him in a 9 feet tall Hulkbuster!)

Geek, he particularly likes everything about Marvel, Harley Quinn, and games (both table games and video games).

Kevin is also an adventurer at heart. He loves thrills, and is the kind to look for challenges. The facility is not his type. He knows what he wants and works hard to make it happen.


Myriam is an artist. Former hairdresser-stylist and makeup artist, she decided to change her career path to have more challenges. And challenge at CODEX, there is! She wears a lot of hats, from lead of the art direction to administration and marketing.

Myriam loves the scenography and the construction of complicated projects. She has also won several cosplay awards in different conventions. What does she prefer? Take a character and reinvent him.

What attracted her in escape games is the similarity she saw with "point-and-click" video games, for which she has unconditional love.

(You fight like a dairy farmer.)

Myriam has a colorful personality behind an introverted wall. Crazy cat lady, and mother of 4 cats, she was definitely one in another life.


Luthier by profession, workaholic and passionate, his first qualities are patience and perfectionism. A look at his work, and you will be convinced. His guitars are as beautiful as they sound good.

(Guitares Lambert, it's here!)

Down to earth and sarcastic, his sense of humor is surpassed only by his "easy going" character. People are unanimous: Louis-Patrick, he's a nice guy. Besides work he likes video games, table games, his beautiful red Jeep, and his "little dog" (read here "big puppy") Fenrir.

It is an encyclopedia of scifi, viking and medieval trivia, making it an endless resource for finding ideas for unusual themes and puzzles.