Spaceship Graveyard


***Beginning of transmission***

In this universe, extraterrestrial contact has been made hundreds of years ago. This event has marked the beginning of a new era; the golden age of technology. Thanks to new medical breakthroughs, life expectancy has doubled and population has exponentially grown. The planet, even though it is peaceful and healthy, is starting to get too small for such numerous people. It is time for space exploration, something that has been foreseen happening since a couple of years by the world leaders. Nations united to create an enormous fleet of exploration spaceships to discover the cosmos mystery and find new habitable homes.

That’s where your story begins. We have detected an anomaly on board of the SPC-2202, a spaceship created by the alliance of China and America, also, your destination. On Earth a signal was received from this same ship concerning a potential habitable planet. However, since Earth has sent a confirmation message, there has been no replies from the space ship, as though the communication was disabled...

Your mission: Find out what is happening on board of the SPC-2202 and send a distress signal if necessary.

Good luck.

***End of transmission***

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The Night of the Wolf and the Serpent

***A crow lands near you. He fixes you and a recording starts playing.***

This mission takes place in a crude and aggressive world. Here, the Viking people have been able to resist the conversion to Christianity. At the beginning of the 12th century, King Sigurd managed to break through the defense of the King of France to finally seize their territory, with one of the largest raids ever seen in history. This event was a turning point for the rest of history. France was the first country to lose faith in their God and to succumb to Nordic beliefs. Over several hundred years, the Viking people and their moral codes spread over Europe, Asia and Africa, becoming the only culture on Earth. After many prayers and rituals, the fervor of their faith materialized gods such as Thor, Odin and Loki who took on human forms. The Nordic gods were now very real. Several decades ago, due to his jealousy, Loki, god of treachery, caused the death of the god of light and joy, Baldr, son of Odin. It was the straw that broke the camel's back. The council of the gods decided to lock Loki and tie him under a snake whose venom drips on his face for all of eternity.

This is where your story begins. Loki has been locked up for years now. The appearance of this multitude of gods split the population into several small nations, some of which are followers of Thor, others of Freyja. Unfortunately, some cults are ardent followers of Loki. Our source informed us that his servants are preparing a ritual to bring back Fenrir, a monstrous and giant wolf, which will cause a chain of catastrophic events; the death of Odin, the liberation of Loki and finally, the end of the world, the Ragnarök. To do so, they need an enormous source of power: the scepter of Odin or the hammer of Thor for example. According to our research, the ritual should be done tonight... Could they have already found their source of power?

Agents, your mission is: Investigate the place of the ritual, find their source of power and give it back to the gods of Good to avoid disaster. In no case should you give Fenrir the source\ of power, understood?

Good luck.

***The crow turns away and takes flight.***

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The Other Side

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